This page has links to things that we often are asked about or find it necessary to explain. Some of it's our opinions, some of it is ideas for making things that have worked for us. We don't claim that any of it is universally applicable, or the only right way...just stuff that we like, and have found useful or desireable.
SAFETY stuff that's dangerous, toxic, or potentially harmful. See also the link SAFE HOME CHECKLIST on this page
CAGES Things we  like and don't like, places to get good cages for good prices

PERCHES Perches we like and don't like, safe woods, and attachments

PLAYSTANDS making playstands at home

OUTDOOR AVIARIES building an outdoor flight cage without going broke

LIGHTING how to have good lights for low cost

STUFF NOT TO BUY things people sell that you should pass on...including some you don't need, some that we don't think work, and some that are downright nasty

EMERGENCY PREPARATION things to think about, and things to do, just in case
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