email us at:

write to us at: Iowa Parrot Rescue
                     2479 Golden Ave
                     Letts, IA 52754

Phone 563-506-5479 Please leave a's usually too noisy to answer the phone!

Paypal donations to  to account

see below for an interactive map and directions via Google Map

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Please  use email as much as possible for scheduling, since it’s difficult to search phone records for contacts.  

We can't handle wild birds. Please click HERE for a list of licensed rehabbers
As of April 1st, we'll be open for adoption visits. We'll be scheduling appointments between 2 and 4:30 any day except Tuesdays and Saturdays. To schedule a visit, you can email or phone 563 506 5479. If you have alread sent your application, please mention that in your email, and be sure to give me the exact name on the form so I can retrieve it. If you havent, please send the form before scheduling. Please schedule for at least 2 weeks after you're vaccinated, and be sure to bring your card when you come.