A few things to be aware of:

1. We never place birds with smokers. This includes people who smoke only outside, at work, in the car, or anywhere.
2. We never ship birds anywhere.
3. We never place a bird with someone we haven't met, interviewed, and visited with, either here, in their home, or both.
4. We never place birds in breeding or resale situations. We don't hate breeders or retailers...we just can't give them birds.
5. If you adopt from us, you will sign a legally enforceable contract; you can read it here: Contracts
6. Partly because of the contract, but also for other reasons, we do not place birds with minors. Parents may NOT "sign for" their children to adopt, or make an adoption for them.
7. We will conduct a check of court records, Facebook pages, and Google. If the board sees anything they don't like, we won't make a placement.



2. schedule visit here

3. schedule home visit

4. find the right bird match

1. If you're interested in adopting, you should start by filling out an application. You can print this and mail it by USPS, or paste it into a word processor and email it. Here's the form: application  . or click above to complete online
Send your application to: Iowa Parrot Rescue
                                        2479 Golden Ave,
                                        Letts, IA 52754

                 or email it to:

The application will be considered by our board, and they'll decide whether or not to proceed. If they accept the application we can move to the next step.

2.You'll need to schedule a visit to us. We're located near Muscatine IA. We usually schedule visits on Saturdays, but can make other arrangements if your schedule needs a weekday. We'll be happy to send directions. Don't use Mapquest to get here; it has an error in our location.  You CAN get a map and good directions HERE, or by using Google Maps. First, we need to meet you and get to know you. Then we need you to meet the birds, and see if they are in fact what you want, and how they respond to you. Then we'll talk extensively about their needs and yours, to see if it's a good fit. You'll meet at least two members of our board during your visit. When you make an appointment, please try to be on time. we plan our schedule around visits. Our insurance company now requires that visitors sign a form releasing us from liability for injuries or damage.

3.  If all of that goes well, we'll need to come visit your home. We have to look for safety, health, space, and all of the other things that will make it work for the birds. It's not an inspection, it's about making the fit right. We'll have to ask you to pay for the gas for a home visit if you live more than 50 miles away.  We typically don't travel much more than two hours radius, though we sometimes make an exception for especially qualified applicants.

We have  people who will do home visits for us in the Chicagoland area, Milwaukee, Madison, and northern Indiana. This is a new arrangement for us, and we're happy to be able to make adoptions available outside our own area.

Under NO circumstances will we ship a bird or make a placement with anyone we haven't met and had here.

What will we be looking at during the visit? See the link Safe Home Checklist on this page.

4. If everything is positive, we'll agree on the adoption. After that, you can start ordering a cage, toys, perches, playstands, foods, etc. When you have all those in place, it's time for the bird to move to your home.

Sometimes none of the birds we have are just right for an applicant. We'll try to let you know if a new bird that fits your situation comes in, but you'll want to occasionally check to see what new birds have arrived . The ones that are available for adoption will be listed on this page: Available.

We usually don't charge any adoption fee, unless a bird has required expensive medical treatment. If there is any fee, it'll be noted in the listing on the Available page.  We gladly accept donations. Ways to donate are discussed on the Support page.

We feel that birds don't do as well when they are isolated.  We normally place birds as pairs or flocks. We will try to encourage birds who come here alone to find friends that they can be placed with. Single birds will be placed only where there is an existing bird or flock that is compatible with their presence.  This doesn't mean all birds must have cage-mates...just that there must be birds who can be seen and heard.