these are all items that are often sold for parrot use...we recommend you don't buy them

Mite Protectors...Indoor parrots don't get mites, but the chemicals in those cans can be toxic

Liquid Vitamins...If you're feeding a decent diet, the bird doesn't need them...but in the water they can promote growth of bacteria


Litter...corncob, cedar, can harbor fungus, can be consumed and cause an impacted crop, and in the case of some of the woods, contain oils that are harmful to birds. It also makes it hard to see if there's a change in droppings, or food use. Use newspaper.

Cement Perches...For every bird I see with claws trimmed by these, I've seen five that have sores on their feet from them.

Dowel perches...The uniform diameter of dowels means that the bird is always gripping at the same radius. That can cause birds to develop a situation similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cages with acutely converging bars....They can trap toes and necks.

Imported fruits and vegetables.....we must be aware that not everyone has the same limits on chemicals that we have.