Beaker is a Cherryheaded Conure, and was our very first parrot. He was placed with us from Iowa in spring of 1999 as a screamer and biter, and had never been handled. . Beaker's Page

A couple of years later Beaker was paralyzed by a's how we set up a handicapped-accessible cage for him and the story of his recovery, which was published in Parrot Chronicles....Handicapped Cage and Story

This is Cosmo, Patagonian conure. Sweet disposition, voice to crack concrete. She joined us in the fall of 1999, from New Hampshire. She's Abi's main baby.. Cosmo's Page.

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Basil Bluefront Amazon (right) came from Ohio in June of 2000. He had aggression and plucking issues. He was our very first amazon.  Basil's Page
Beaker died in his sleep on April 4 2006, leaving a huge hole in our lives. Iowa Parrot Rescue continues in his memory. Fly free Beaker.
Timot is a supersweet 3 year old cherryhead with a plucking problem and some fears.  He seems to think I belong to him. Arrived July of 2007.
Ziggy Timneh Grey is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina from Mobile AL.. He's pretty traumatized, and will stay here to try to recover. August 2005
These birds are here permanently, in long-term boarding, or otherwise not available for adoption.

Most of them live in the shelter, but a few are house pets.
Angelica and Fergison are a pair of wild-caught Red-Lored Amazons who are in sanctuary at the request of their previous keeper. They came from Kansas in 2009
Wonko (formerly Taco) is a male Blue-crown Mealy Amazon. He's the most mellow and easily handled amazon I've ever had. I changed his name because blue-front Mealys are from Guatemala and tacos aren't.
Casey Congo grey is a long-time house-mate of Ziggy's, going back through two previous homes, and went through Katrina with him. She's going to be with us permanently now.

Kozmo is a female Buffon's (Great Green) macaw. She came from Peoria. She's staying just because she loves me so much
Rojo greenwing and Uve hyacinth came to us from Texas in October of 2017. They're odler birds who've been together for 40 years. They'll be staying here as ambassador/education birds.