In Memoriam
This page holds those birds and people in whose memories donations have been made.
Thelma M Jenkins, Nov 26 1918-Apr. 1 2003
She loved birds and often kept a budgie or canary.

Dick Savasta

Al Mazur
Harriet and Jayne

John P. Groves
Beaker...our very first parrot, and the founder of Iowa Parrot Rescue
Mike and Abi
Troy and Susan
Brenda and Bill

Beaker's Page
AB...In Memory of my faithful companion and friend AB, who left for the Rainbow Bridge in the Spring of 2007. You will be remembered dear boy.
Barbara, Bill, Kimali
Sassy...The tiel that taught me about parrots, spent several years in my classroom at Eisenhower Elementary in Dubuque, did many presentations to hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, and at the Humane Society. Loved by many, missed by all.
Janet, YoYo
Shirley Riccardi
A long-time friend of Iowa Parrot Rescue, a wonderful bird keeper, and a great person. Rest peacefully, Shirley. We'll miss you.

Mary, Nigel, Zeke, and Rocky

Fids n Feathers Group

Stella Louise Huff
daughter, Linda Carleton

Sara Myers
co-worker Linda Carleton

Jane Clark
Stepson Michael Murray

Bill Jenkins
One of our earliest and finest parrot friends, and a brave
and kind human

Susan Nelson
Animal lover and bird-keeper.

Anne Greenburg

Robert Strubhar obituary

Marilyn Reinier
Her family

Nancy M Sheffer
In loving memory of Nancy Marie Sheffer. She loved the birds and the birds loved her.

Pat Pecora

Todd Muhlack

                                    The Todd Muhlack Memorial Fountain

Kevin Ryan obituary
Stefanee Bakke
Patricia Weeks
Cindy Beard
Roger Reese
Lisa Barrett
Julie and Christopher Dunham
Debra and Richard Petty
Steven and Regina Bradburn
Mary and George Farrage
Mike DeMarco
Francesca Turner
Michelle Spencer
John Thielking
Mid-American Cage Bird Society
Wellmark of Iowa

Trish Dusil
She loved parrots and introduced me to Iowa Parrot Rescue.
Katharine Diltz

Doris Walker
In loving memory of Sassy's grandma
Pat Pecora

Dr J Ellsworth Kalas
Taddy Kalas
Donald Root

Elaine Cimina...In loving memory of Elaine Ciminna, fondly known to our fidsandfeathers bird group as Head Elf Lanie Poo.
Pat Pecora
In memory of a bird who showed the world that animals can respond intelligently, not merely mimic; that they have feelings and many wonderful gifts to share and lessons to teach humankind

PJ....Loved and missed. A miracle bird with a huge heart, and a place in ours
Mike and Abi
This custom-built bathing fountain in the aviary is a memorial to Sassy. Below is the plaque.
Larry Bird...In memory of Larry Bird the rescued parakeet who became a member of our family.
INDY...Severe Macaw. He was loved.
Mike and Abi

Samantha cockatiel
Pam Erwin

Willy cockatiel
Susan V.

Erin O.

Nicky...White capped Pionus
          My first love
 cheek conure

Linda C.
Christine Angel Wings Dallas      citron-crested cockatoo
   The world is a much sadder place without the warm glow she would exude with her mere presence, and her daddy's world will never again be complete. Fly Free Christy, Fly Free

Chuck D.
Gail P.
Kirby......Goffin's cockatoo
     Maryjo, Suellen, and Les
Charli.....lilac crowned amazon        You opened our eyes and will be forever in our hearts! We love you Babygirl fly free!  Kim, Gomez, Ashley & Kiera
Mango....greencheek amazon. We tried, little guy. We really tried hard. I'm sorry.

Maxine Parrot Piburn...Severe Macaw
Flown to heaven Thursday July 31 2014
I love you baby girl. I will join you later. No more cage ever.
        Dr Marvin Piburn
Seamus...greencheek conure
             Kat Blake
Aries, aka Greenie... quaker
Feb 1989-December 2013

"My Companion"
         Bruce Heyne
Esmeralda...Canary winged parakeet

5 Feb 2005 - 20 Dec 2014

Esmeralda, Corazon de Leon: Esmie, the Lion Hearted. We miss her terribly but are thankful that we had those ten great years together.

Derrick and Lynne
Orlando....African Grey
    27 Dec. 2002-1 Feb. 2014
Virginia Folsom
Richard and Sherri Folsom
Sherry Folsom-Meek
In loving memory of Mr. Beau Feathers: a wonderful friend and a good boy.

Stephanie and Justin
Amos Moses, double yellowhead 1986-2009

In loving memory.

Thomas Satterfield