Over the years, Iowa Parrot Rescue has built a strong base of support. We have knowledgeable and committed volunteers and a loyal donor base.  The endoment fund continues to grow. The new facilities are working well. We have a good support team of medically savvy volunteers and vet support and have buiilt a strong network of connections within the rescue community.  The rescue is well positioned to begin the next stage of it's mission to continue beyond Mike and Abi's original dreams and goals.

Making sure that birds will contiue to be cared for into the future means building a secure financial base. Future plans include growing the endowment in order to be able to pay full time staff. Read about the endowment HERE 
Since Maggie Stafford has joined the rescue we are building an active and comprehensive program of stimulation and enrichment. The initial assessment is in place, protocols are being established and within the next month we will start implementing activities and changes in the bird room environments to encourage the birds to be more active physically and mentally.

Given the increasing number of birds that are coming through the rescue and the medical background of our volunteers we are looking at expanding and upgrading the quarantine and clinic area.   We are already doing toes and beaks.  Dr. Jen is doing chiropractic adjustments with good success.  We are hoping to expand our ability to work with older arthritic birds and birds suffering from old injuries to increase mobility and reduce pain.

Iowa Parrot Rescue is fortunate to own its own building. In order to ensure that the rescue will always have a stable home, Abi and Micheal are donating the land and buildings around the rescue to the Rescue as long as it is able to act as a rescue. If and when that is not possible, that land and building will pass to a land conservation trust so that the original mandate that included land restoration can continue.

We don't think bigger is better and prefer to upgrade rather than expand. We are taking to heart the tragic lessons of rescues that grew to big too fast. We prefer slow and stready growth. We cannot care for every needy bird, but we can act as mentors to help build local rescue that are well placed to care for local needs. We will continue to build connections in the rescue community to create a sturdy web of support that hopefully no bird will ever fall through.