The  Situation

When this Rescue started back in 1997, Abi and I had no idea it would become what it has; we just wanted to help a few parrots.  But as it has grown, we've become more and more concerned with how it might continue when we can no longer do the day-to-day operations.

While we are blessed with a wonderful board and great volunteers, there has to be someone in overall control, on site every day, and able to handle every facet of the program. I am fortunate enough to have found the time and acquired the skills to keep things going. But no one lasts forever. When I'm gone, it seems clear that the Rescue will have to hire a professional manager, one who can bring all of those skills with them.
The Solution

That means that the Rescue must have some regular source of money,  much more than it costs to pay the bills at this point.. Thus the need for an endowment fund. The Iowa Parrot Rescue Endowment Fund was established in March of 2013, with one object in mind: to generate income sufficient to hire a professional manager when I'm gone.

How it works

Money donated to the Fund is not available for general operations, and I don't handle it. It goes through an officer at our bank, and is handled by their trust department. It will be invested, and the income rolled back into the Fund. At the time that I no longer can operate the rescue, the board of directors will be able to use the income to pay my replacement. Until that time, the money is untouchable.  My guess is that it will require a capital of about 1.5 million dollars to generate enough income to pay the sort of manager we'll need.

How to help ensure the future of Iowa Parrot Rescue

You can mail a check to the Rescue as usual, but include a note that it's for the Endowment Fund, and I'll hand it to the trust officer.

Iowa Parrot Rescue
2479 Golden Ave
Letts, IA 52754

You can send a check directly to the bank;  identify it as being for the Iowa Parrot Rescue Endowment Fund.

Community Bank and Trust
attn: Trust Dept
615 Cedar St
Muscatine IA 52761

If you want to make a bequest in your will, designate the Iowa Parrot Rescue Endowment Fund as the beneficiary, at the above address.

You should feel free to discuss this with us, either by email at   or by calling me at 563-506-5479.