Volunteering at Iowa Parrot Rescue
We're always in need of volunteers. If you want to come work, we'll find work for you to do.
What do our volunteers do?
     Volunteers clean cages and floors. They make and distribute toys. They socialize birds by playing, talking, singing to them, or just sitting near them. They do data entry and update computer files. Typically, a volunteer will clean for an hour, then spend an hour makiing toys or working hands on with birds.

Who can volunteer?
     1. To volunteer, you must be an adult. Volunteers under age 18 may work IF they are accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. 
         2.Volunteers must be non-smokers. Even if you don't smoke here, we can't use you if there's smoke on your hair, skin, or clothing.
         3.You must be reliable...if we schedule a work time for you, we are counting on you to be here. If you don't come, someone (me) has to pick up that work, which means I can't do what I planned on doing at that time.
         4. I will conduct a criminal background check. A record won't necessarily disqualify you, although it may, depending on the offense and how recent it was.

How much time does it take?
         Most of our volunteers come every week, usually for two hours. Some like to stay longer. Most volunteers are needed during morning hours, but we can usually fit in any time between 10 AM and 4 PM.

How do I volunteer?
      Drop me an email at iaparrotrescue@gmail.com or phone me at 563-506-5479. We'll make an appointment for you to come visit.
Is it safe?
       Mostly. I train the workers carefully, and we know which birds are dangerous. However, ALL parrots will bite sometimes, and SOME parrots bite all the time. Volunteers must sign a waiver releasing IPR from responsibility for injuries and damages. I will be on hand at all times to help with tasks or rescue you from the birds if needed. I never leave volunteers alone with the birds.

Will I be trained?
        I will train you for whatever tasks you're doing. Obviously people with parrot experience may need less training.

Iowa Parrot Rescue will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender identity, orientation, or veteran status. We will reject you if you're hard to get along with, prejudiced, or just generally a jerk.