This is Riley. The DNA confirms that she's a female. I have almost no back story on age, no previous homes.  She's a Calico Macaw, a hybrid of greenwing and military.... that's just going by her appearance. Speaking of which, she's one of the prettiest macaws we've ever had.  She's a big active bird who needs a keeper that wants to spend time and knows how to interact with a large strong bird. She shows a strong tendency to bond with one person and reject others....currently she loves me, so a new home will have to do the separation and re-bonding routine. 

Riley and Ivan have become pals, and are now a pair....they'll stay together.
Bubba and Rocco are male Blue and Golds who both lost their long-time partners. They've decided to hang with each other. They are big, loud, boisterous, and active. They'll make a great pair for someone with room for their play and a desire to watch them act like macaws. They both can be handled, WITH CARE but are happy left on their own.
Cobar's only partly tame, and will need a large space and a knowledgeable helper to get totally handleable. The up side is that he's very healthy, very pretty, and will become easier now that he doesn't have a lady to defend.
Durango is currently living with a very shy female named Marley that needs to stay with him. Having a lady friend has made Durango very aggressive, and this pair can only go to someone who is prepared to give them a large enclosed space and let them be wild parrots.
Ivan is an 11 year old male greenwing macaw. He's badly plucked, both by himself and his former cage-mate. He arrived badly underweight, but is slowly putting some on.

Ivan has to be handled just right, or he bites really hard. When approached properly, he's quite tame and can be a lot of fun to talk and dance with. He is a special needs bird who will do well with somebody who understands how to read a big bird and let them change at their own pace. HE CANNOT BE HELD ON A HAND OR ARM.
This is TC. She's a big beautiful female harlequin, age unknown. She's tame and likes to be with people, but she has seriously disabled feet and legs, and will need a careful keeper who can prepare accomodations for her special needs. TC was placed previously, and had to come back through no fault of hers, or her keeper. She is very noisy.

Willy's a calico macaw, a cross of greenwing and military, and is a big strong bird. He has been adopted twice, and returned both times, but neither was his fault. He's tame and pretty and healthy. He does need someone that can deal with a large and opinionated bird...
Estrellita and Luna are bonded BG macaws who came from a hoarder seizure in Delaware. The report is that they are both female, but I haven't DNAed them myself, and we don't know their ages. They're about 50% tame, and will be great when they've had some care and teaching.

We placed Zappa almost 8 years ago with a very good family. Changes in the family's work travels have made it necessary for him to come back to us. Zappa is a 22 year old male ruby macaw, a hybrid of a scarlet and a greenwing. His plucking issue is old, and he won't get back his feathers, but we don't care. do you? Zappa is tame and friendly with people he likes, and will hang out with you all day if you're his friend. Come see if YOU'RE his friend...he's a good bird.
. Zazu is an 8 year old ruby macaw (scarlet/greenwing cross), Hybrids like this are big and beautiful, but can be a handful. Zazu will bite to defend her cage, her food dishes, or just out of excitement. . Not for the timid or inexperienced. She's recently binded with Rocky, another hybrid, and another tricky bird to handle. This pair is spectacular, but will need a lot of room and a careful handling.   Both have histories of aggression toward other macaws, and will need a home where they can be physically kept separate from other birds.
Bilbo is a female greenwing, about 36 years old. She was clinically depressed when she arrived. an.She's bonded to me, and is my baby girl and loves me...too much. She attacks anyone who comes near her, or me. Not for a person who wants a tame pet...she'll have to be worked with by a serious expert to transfer her affection.
Fred is an ex-breeder, about 30 years old.  He's got some plucking, and an air sac leak  that doesn't do any serious damage. He's totally untame, and is very strong and active. He needs someone who can give him a big cage and leave him to be a bird...someone who just wants to take care of him.
Axel is an older wildcaught blue and gold, imported in 1968. He's an old curmudgeon, and only behaves when he feels like it. He likes to interact and talk and make faces at people, but steps up only on a stick.
Hobbes is a male blue and gold, 16 years old. He appears to be a nice boy with some nippy habits currently, and will make a good friend for someone with macaw skills.

Grocko is a male blue and gold, age around 45...he's a wildcaught. He came to us three years ago, then had to come back through no fault of his or anyone's. He's been boarding, but is now available for adoption. He's currently nippy and has pretty bad aggression issues with other birds. He'll need a new keeper who has good macaw skills and no other large birds. He does own his cage, and is in good health.
Marley is a male military macaw, about 8 years old. If he likes you he's snuggly and loving. He's a clown, and loves to dance and sing. Like most militaries, he's picky about his people, and doesn't like everyone.