Holly and Trudy are a mother and daughter pair. Holly is 15 and Trudy is 3. They haven't been handled, and don't want to be. They also have been living cage-free in our small-bird room. This pair is a super thing to watch just acting like parrots, and that's the life I want for them. You must have a large free-flight aviary.
Louie is a 4 year old male greencheek, and is small even as greencheeks go.
This little one was found flying loose. Age, sex, and name are unknown....I'm calling him Mickey. He's pretty independent, but will snuggle up once you have him under control.
Mickey and Louis are pals now, and will stay together. They like flying and don't like cages. Free-flight aviary for them.
Herb is a 21 year old male quaker. He's got the usual quaker thing about cage defense, but is pretty tame once he's out.