Holly and Trudy are a mother and daughter pair. Holly is 15 and Trudy is 3. They haven't been handled, and don't want to be. They also have been living cage-free in our small-bird room. This pair is a super thing to watch just acting like parrots, and that's the life I want for them. You must have a large free-flight aviary.
Louie is a 4 year old male greencheek, and is small even as greencheeks go.
This little one was found flying loose. Age, sex, and name are unknown....I'm calling him Mickey. He's pretty independent, but will snuggle up once you have him under control.
Mickey and Louis are pals now, and will stay together. They like flying and don't like cages. Free-flight aviary for them.
Pico is about ready for a special home. He's a 7 month old rose-fronted conure (pyrrhurra roseifrons), sex unknown. He's had a rough time in his short life, and needs someone who can really understand him and give him special care. He's just learning to step up and get petted, and will need to continue those processes. He needs a calm quiet home, no little children or dogs and cats.  Pico is living in our home, to keep him safe from the tough kids in genpop....if you're interested, you'll need a special appointment time when Abi and I are available.
Captain is a five year old male greencheek. He's tame and polite, and has his own cage and all the accessories. He's had a good diet and very good care. He's missing the toes on his right foot, so he needs careful choice and arrangement of perches etc. We have his cage set up for his needs, and it goes with him.

Captain and Pico are now sharing a cage and learning to be friends. They both need bird friends and will only be placed together. They're very sweet and will need a gentle understanding home.