this was the school provided by the government for a community near san salvador. they didn't even give them new sheet metal. when i returned to the place two years later, the school was closed, and the building was a police station
the mural on the side of this school says "We are the future"...
kids from a school in La Libertad cool off ina stream after playing
This school was built with funding from the European Community for a resettlement community in Morazon called Segundo's staffed with volunteer teachers
Boys hang out near the bathrooms in a school in San Miquel...too bad there was no more running water or electricity
This is the science lab at a high school in Sonsonate. all of the "equipment" is stuff brought from home by students or teachers
4th grade class in Cabanas
Boys at Esc. J.C. Lopez. the required uniforms may cost a week's salary for a worker, and along with the requirement that students buy their textbooks, often prevent the poorer children from going to school
girls at a school in Zacotecoluca
in 1993, i started to set up a program by which schools in Iowa partnered with schools in El Salvador, by sending used or unneeded materials and equipment to them. about 60 Iowa schools eventually joined in. this banner greeted me when i went to visit one of the Salvadoran schools in 1995.
here I am, with the kids in that school, partying.
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