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Iowa Parrot Rescue and ____________________________(Adopter ID#_________) (the adopter) agree that  the following bird: ___________________(Bird ID#_________), a __________________________ is placed under the following conditions:

1. Iowa Parrot Rescue states that the bird has no known diseases or disabilities other than ____________________________________

2. Iowa Parrot Rescue states that it is legally in possession of the bird and has the right to place it, and that no other person has any legal or financial claim on the bird.

3. Iowa Parrot Rescue and the adopter agree that there shall be no adoption fee.

4. The adopter agrees that the bird will at no time be sold, given away, traded, or in any other way disposed of without the prior written consent of Iowa Parrot Rescue.

5. In the event that the adopter is unable to for any reason to keep the bird, it must be returned to Iowa Parrot Rescue.

6. The adopter agrees to maintain the bird in healthy and safe conditions, according to generally accepted standards. This shall include such veterinary care as may be necessary.

7. Iowa Parrot Rescue shall have the right to visit the premises of the adopter to determine the presence and well-being of the bird, but shall allow three a minimum of three (3) days’ notice prior to such visit.

8. Iowa Parrot Rescue shall have no liability for any costs incurred or damages done consequent to the placement of this bird with the adopter.

____________________________                   ____________________________
Iowa Parrot Rescue                                           Adopter